Wuczeticz (1939). " Seasonal distribution and migration of ducks (subiam. Anatina) on the base of bird-ringing in the U.S.S.R. III. The Gadwall--Anas strepera L.; the Shoveler--Spatula clypeata (L.) ; the Wigeon--Mar tea penelope (L.)." Moscow (Russian and English, 4 maps). THE valuable results already published with regard to the ringing of Mallard and Pintail in Russia (abstracted in British Birds, Vol. xxxii. p. 20) have been supplemented by rather less abundant data relating to three other species of ducks. There are 80 recovery records of Gadwall ringed as adults--mostly drakes in wing-moult--in the Volga Delta--in July and August. The breeding area from which these birds were derived is indicated by spring, summer and autumn records for subsequent seasons : it lies between the fortieth and seventieth meridans, and the northernmost locality is in about 6o° N. lat. Further migration is mainly down the western side of the Caspian Sea, but there are also two records from Iran, one from the eastern end of the Black Sea and two from Bulgaria. There are several records for subsequent autumns from well to the north of the ringing area, but none showing northward movements in the autumn of marking, although it is suggested that this occurs. One bird ringed in western Siberia was recovered in northern India ; and there are also three records of Gadwall ringed in northern India in winter or spring and recovered in western Siberia in spring or summer. There are 45 records of Shoveler ringed as adults--mostly
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