J U S T a year ago at the time of writing these words the first issue of British Birds to be produced by the new Editorial Board went to press, opening with an Editorial in which a number of aims and objects were stated. Some of these have been fulfilled, at least to the satisfaction of the Editors, but others remain to be accomplished. Revised arrangements for the verification and publication of sight-records of rare birds have been worked out with the co-operation of those concerned and have been put into effect as explained in our January issue (antea, p p . 1-2). A number of valuable papers have been obtained and have been published, so far as possible at the seasons when they are of most interest to readers, and in some cases within a few weeks of being written. T h e principal outstanding problem here is to secure an even broader spread of subjects treated, and to avoid too much tendency for certain topics to monopolize an undue share of the available space. In the case of Notes some reduction in arrears has been achieved by the methods indicated in last year's Editorial, although in response to appeals from several readers we have generally avoided the use of smaller type, and the adoption of a different style of heading has enabled space to be saved. Nevertheless it cannot be claimed that the position about Notes is even yet satisfactory, since the average wait for publication
Issue 6

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