Witherby approached many friends and fellow-ornithologists to support a monthly magazine devoted entirely to the study of British birds, which had long been in his mind. A note in his handwriting records how, at the British Ornithologists' Club that January, the Hon. Walter Rothschild agreed " t h a t there was imperative need for such a m a g a z i n e " and offered financial support. Further M S . notes show that before the title under which every issue has appeared was found, others were considered and discarded, such as " T h e Magazine of British Ornithology", or " T h e British Ornithologists' Magazine". The earliest note of the objects i s : " T o be devoted to the study of birds on the British list and mainly to the study of them in the British Islands, but notes and articles on observations abroad of birds rare in Britain would be allowable". Great stress was placed on the co-operation of good observers all over the country as "local advisers", and one of the first steps was to circularize a picked group who were asked to help " i n cases where a confirmation of a record or observation was considered advisable" and to ensure good reliable notes from a wide field, and also to help from time to time with systematic investigations. In writing on 17th February to A. H. Evans, Witherby explained that the chief points w e r e
Issue 6

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