Lammergeier (Gypaitus barbatus), adult at nest, Spain (from a Kodachrome by Eric Hosking) .. .. , , facing Rose-brcastcd Grosbeak (Pbeucticus ludovicianus), male summer and winter, and female; American Purple Gallinule (Porphyrula martinica), adult and young (from paintings by D. M. Reid-Henry) .. .. ..facingPlates 1-8 Lammergeiers (Gypaitus barbatus), adults at nests with young, close-ups of young, and habitats, Spain (Antonio Cano and Eric Hosking) .. .. .. .. facing Black-necked Grebes (Podiceps nigricollis), adults at nests, Denmark and Hertfordshire (C. C. Doncaster, M. D. England and Oliver G. Pike) .. .. . , facing Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus), large flock, Norfolk ( j . V. Beer) facing Radde's Bush Warblers (Phylloscopus scbivarsj), female at nest with young, nest with eggs, newly-hatched nestling, and habitat, Amurland, U.S.S.R. (Irene Neufeldt) facing Rufous Warblers (Agrobates galactotes), adults at nest and perched, and habitat, Spain (Antonio Cano and Eric Hosking) .. .. .. .. .. . . facing Ortolan Buntings (Emberi^a hortulana), adults at nest with young, and habitat, Finland (Eric Hosking) .. facing Carrion Crow (Corpus corone), legs with growths due to fowl pox virus, Gloucestershire (R. H. Poulding) . . facing Some examples of the best recent work by British birdphotographers: Curlew (Nttmenius arquata), Argyll (J. T. Fisher); Merlins (Falco columbarius), Derby (H. A. Hems); Hooded Crows (Corpus corone comix), Shetland (H, Auger); Snipe (Capella gallinago), Norfolk (C. C. Doncaster); Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna), Lancashire (Guy B. Farrar); Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus), Essex (R. E. Hitchcock); Nuthatch (Sit/a europaed), Yorkshire (Morley Hedley); Reed
Issue 12

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