Colour-marked auks.--About 90 Guillemots Uria aalge and Razorbills Aka tarda, survivors of the 'Torrey Canyon' oiling in March 1967, are being released in ones and twos at Swanage, Dorset, from July onwards, as they become waterproof. They carry B.T.O. rings and their breasts are marked with a magenta dye which lasts only about a month even if the feathers are not moulted, but which is visible at a quarter of a mile or more. Anyone who sees or has seen one of these birds is asked to report locality, date and time to B. P. Pickess, 4 Bradle Farm Cottages, Kimmeridge, Wareham, Dorset. One Guillemot on the Hampshire coast eleven days after release attached itself to a swimmer and would not leave him; these birds have been tended by people for months and so this may happen in other cases.
Issue 8
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