Past breeding success of Golden Eagles in Scotland.--In view of the disquieting report by Dr. J. D. Lockic and Dr. D. A. Ratcliffe of a marked decline in the nesting success of Golden Eagles Aquih chrysaefos in a part of western Scotland (Brii. Birds, 57: 89-102), which they attributed to the use of dieidrin and other pesticides in sheep dips, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds co-operated with the Nature Conservancy last summer in carrying out a survey of breeding Golden Eagles over a wider area. In order to make comparisons with the situation in the past, the R.S.P.B. is most anxious, as a matter of urgency, to obtain any unpublished data on breeding success, even at single eyries. Such information would be welcomed by the Scottish Representative of the R.S.P.B., George Waterston, 2X Regent Terrace, Edinburgh 7.
Issue 2

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