Handbuch der Zoologie [Edited by Dr. T. Krumbach]. Vol. V I I I . Sauropsida, 2nd Part--Aves [By Dr. E . Stresemann]. Parts I . - I I I . Berlin. W . de Gruyter & Co., 1927-8. T H I S fine work, of which three parts, containing 336 pages of wellprinted m a t t e r measuring n j x 8f in., have been issued, is much more than a " Handbook " in the ordinary sense. The student of the morphology of birds will find here, what is unfortunately still altogether lacking in our language, namely, a full and complete account of the anatomy of birds, embodying the latest researches and written in a clear and concise style. Beddard's very useful little manual on the Structure and Classification of Birds (1898) contains a good deal of such information, but hardly touches the question of reproduction, and is naturally now somewhat out-of-date ; while various aspects are treated in the works of Pycraft, Thomson and others. The only works which deal with the whole subject are, of course, the monumental treatise of Fiirbringer, which dates back t o 1888, and Gadow's contribution t o Bronn's Their-Reich, both in German. During the forty years which have elapsed since the publication of Fiirbringer's book, great strides haveJaeen made in many departments, especially Genetics, and a compact work on the whole subject, in which the latest researches in all the varied fields are incorporated, has long been a great desideratum
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