* The Winter Starling Roosts of Great Britain, I932-I933-" By * B. j . Marples (The Journal of Animal Ecology, 3, pp. 187-203, Nov., 1934). IN the winter of 1932-3 Mr. B . J. Marples endeavoured to obtain information about all the main roosts of Starlings (Sturnus v, vulgaris) in Great Britain, and the published results of the enquiry are now before us. Letters to the newspapers, and a wireless appeal, brought in many reports, and, in addition, certain local ornithological societies and individuals undertook to cover particular areas, or counties. Altogether 224 roosts were recorded in England, 22 in Wales and 39 in Scotland. Their approximate positions are shown in a map, which indicates t h a t hardly any of them were situated at altitudes over 600 feet above sea-level, but otherwise seems to show a very irregular distribution. They are also listed in an appendix. Mr. Marples thinks it unlikely t h a t many large roosts were not reported, except, perhaps, in Scotland. The county in which most roosts were recorded was Cornwall, with 13. The West Riding of Yorkshire had 12, Devon and Sussex 11 each, and Cheshire and Hampshire 10 each. The acknowledgments which the author makes, to those who helped him by surveying definite areas, suggest t h a t most of these counties were covered, and one cannot avoid a suspicion t h a t this may partly account for the numbers recorded. In any case it would surely have been desirable
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