Bird Display : An Introduction to the study of Bird Psychology. By Edward A. Armstrong. (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1942). Illustrated: 2 1 / - n e t ; T H I S is certainly one of t h e most useful and welcome bird books t h a t have appeared for a long time, and should take its place amongst t h e quite small minimum number of books which every serious student of bird life and behaviour ought t o possess. For a number of years bird display has been attracting increasing attention, and an adequate general work on this fascinating and biologically important subject was much needed. The literature is extensive and in several languages, and in addition to t h e significant studies of such biologists as Howard, Huxley, Lack, Tinbergen and others, which have contributed towards a proper understanding of t h e nature and functions of display, a great many observations of a more casual or less comprehensive kind, b u t often of much interest and value, are scattered through t h e pages of numerous ornithological journals and other works. A satisfactory synthesis of this, in part, somewhat incoherent mass of data is not easy and requires a combination of field experience with a knowledge of modern work and views on animal behaviour and some acquaintance with t h e general principles of physiology, which is unfortunately none too common amongst ornithologists. In t h e main Mr. Armstrong has fulfilled his
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