Atlas des Vogelzugs nach den Beringungsergebnissen bei palcearktiachcn Vogeln. [Atlas of Bird-migration based on the Ringing D a t a for l'alaearctic Birds.] By E. Schiiz and H. Weigold. Abhandlung aus dem Gebiete der Vogelzugsforschung, Nr.3. Berlin (Friedlander), 1931. Price 96RM. D R . SCHUZ, of Rossitten, and Dr. Weigold, formerly of Heligoland, have collaborated in the production of a truly monumental work-- the well-worn phrase here seems amply justified--which must have involved an enormous labour in the collection, checking, sorting and cartographic recording of data from many sources. This is an atlas of bird-migration based upon the results of bird-marking in all countries within the Paraparetic region. The whole weighs more than 8 lbs., and measures approximately 1 3 X H X 2 inches. It consists of a portfolio, in which is contained a paper-covered volume of 167 text pages together with 150 loose plates printed on separate sheets. Each plate is commonly a single map, but sometimes a group of smaller maps. The aim of the work has been to show on maps all known records of marked birds involving movement of more than purely local extent. I t was obviously outside the scope of its plan to give any detailed information about recoveries at or near the place of marking. Yet it must be remembered--without criticizing the work on that account --that positive indications as to the directions and seasons of movement form only a part of the results of this method of study. Records showing absence
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