Report on Somerset Birds, 1952: 39ft Report of the Ornithological Section of the Somersetshire Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. Obtainable from G. H. E. Young, Bank House, Martock, Somerset. 5s. Ornithological Notes, Bristol District, 1952. Edited by H. H. Davis and P. J. Chadwick from Stoke Farm, Patchway, Bristol. (Printed from Proc. Bristol Nat. Soc, vol. xxviii). 6d. Mid-Somerset Naturalists' Society: Second Report and Reference Book, 1952. Edited by D. H. Perrett, 19 Quantock Road, Bridgwater. 2s. 6d. FEW counties have so many overlapping ornithological publications as Somerset. The county as a whole is capably covered by the ornithological section of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society; in the west, Exmoor is also reported on in the Devon Report; in the centre the MidSomerset Naturalist Society is now operating from Bridgwater; and the Bristol Naturalists' Society's area is partly in Gloucester, partly in Somerset, extending over a third of the Somerset coastline. Thus records from the Weston-super-Mare area and Cheddar Reservoir appear in 3 journals. This situation is a healthy sign of the interest in birds, and with bird-watching on the increase, societies in other parts of. the country may develop and publish their own local reports overlapping with existing publications. Where this happens, the closest possible cooperation and liaison should be fostered between the bodies covering the same area, to ensure that each report is as complete as possible, to avoid the unfortunate confusion which arises when one publication accepts a record and another rejects it, and to
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