Skokholm Bird Observatory Reports, 1940--'46, 1947, 1948, 1949. (t940-'46 out of print; others obtainable from Col. H. Allen, D.S.O., M.B.E., The Red House, Heywood Lane, Tenby, price 2/6). These four reports cover a long and chequered period of Skokholm's history as a Bird Observatory. The first opens with some notes by Mr. R. M. Lockley made during the early months of 1940, when the Observatory was still largely his own personal responsibility. The island was finally evacuated in August, 1940, and was not re-occupied until April 12th, 1946, when the Observatory was re-opened by the West Wales Field Society with John Fursdon as Warden. In 1947 the Council for the Promotion of Field Studies took over administrative and financial responsibility for Skokholm and appointed Peter Conder and Joan Keighley as Warden and Assistant Warden; they have prepared the last three reports under review though the West Wales Field Society co-operates scientifically by retaining responsibility for publication. Most of the interesting occurrences recorded in these reports have already been published in British Birds. These include an Ortolan in 1947, Lapland Bunting in 1948, Woodchat in 1948 and again in 1949, a year which produced several other unusual species listed in a short paper recently published (antea, vol. xliii, pp. 213-214). Other records of interest include a StoneCurlew, the first for the island, and three Hoopoes (one ringed) in 1940; a Tree-Sparrow and a Reed-Warbler in 1947, these being the third and first records for Pembrokeshire respectively. In the 1948 report
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