Aristocrats'' of the Air. By Captain C. W. R. Knight. (Williams and Norgate, London, 1946). 30s. od. The first edition of this eminently readable book was first published in 1935, but has been out of print for nearly twenty years. This, the second edition, has been revised and largely rewritten b y Capt. Knight and will be welcomed alike by the amateur ornithologist, who can still learn much from its pages, and by the connoisseur of good books. The author writes with an easy familiarity and good humour, and conveys much of the thrill which those who watch large or rare birds a t close quarters always experience. I t speaks well for the photographs t h a t all b u t one of the fifty-four illustrating the first edition can be included in t h e second ; some may not be in the same class as those published more recently, yet others remain in the t o p flight judged by any standard. They are strictly relevant too, for much of the story is of the birds watched, photographed and here portrayed : the text is not a mere cradle for the illustrations, ilor do the illustrations intrude upon the text. J.A.G. Meet us in the Garden. By Frances Pitt. (Lutterworth Press, London, 1946). 8s. 6d. Miss Pitt's readers will not be disappointed in this latest product of her pen, intended " a s an introduction to help those who want to know about the birds .
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