Lundy : Isle of Puffins. By Richard Perry. (Lindsay Drummond.) With 37 photographs by Alan Richardson. 12s. 6d. net. T H I S book is the result of observation during the five summer months of 1939 which Mr. Perry spent on Lundy, off the N. Devon coast. It is a well-written, fascinating record, and the careful descriptions, almost dramatically elaborated, of gulls and auks and migrant birds, reveal a passionate interest recalling t h a t of Selous in his Bird-Watcher in the Shetlands. Mr. Perry has left behind much of the imaginative speculation of his earlier book, A t the Turn of the Tide, and has concentrated more on recording direct observation. The result is correspondingly more effective. It is, however, disappointing to find, sandwiched between much detail minutely set down, slices of careless observation. This and the complete absence of reference to the work of earlier observers on Lundy, detract from t h e book's value to t h e ornithologist. For instance, whereas Messrs. V. C. Wynne Edwards and T. H. Harrisson in their notable 1930 census of Lundy (Journal of Ecology, XX, 2, p. 374) record 41 pairs of Rock-Pipits breeding, Mr. Perry vaguely refers to " a score or so of rock-pipits " wintering and nesting on L u n d y ; (but in the census at the end of the book he puts down only 20 pairs). While he describes in detail the noises of the Manx Shearwaters at night and estimates t
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