Studies in the Life History of the Song Sparrow. Vol. I. A Population Study of the Song Sparrow. By Margaret M. Nice. Transactions of the Linnean Society of New York, IV : April 1937. 2 47PP- 3 plates, 18 charts, 33 tables. (American Museum of Natural History, New York City). Obtainable from H. F . & G. Witherby, Ltd., at 6s. As this modestly presented paper includes a t least as much original and significant observation of the essential facts of bird behaviour as almost any dozen ordinary bird books it is by no means easy to review. Ornithologists have known for some time t h a t Mrs. Nice was engaged in an extraordinarily thorough study of a small bird community, b u t only with the issue of this complete summary of one aspect of her work does its full magnitude and importance become evident. Although. she writes of a few hundred individuals of a species (Melospiza melodia) unknown to most European ornithologists, located upon some 40 acres of waste land just outside the city of Columbus, Ohio, she deals with problems which concern any bird-watcher in any country, and she has taken great care to present her findings so t h a t they are of interest and value to those who have never seen a Song Sparrow in their lives. I n fact, her account is a fundamental and original study of how birds, live, worked out in t h e field in terms of one
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