The Sea Around Us. By Rachel L. Carson (Staples, 1951). 12s. 6d. I t is a remarkable indication of t h e growth of interest in the oceans t h a t this scientific account of them should have run through three impressions within the month of publication. It is excellently written and brings together clearly a great deal which would otherwise be difficult to trace and understand. The passages on bird life, although correct, are perhaps the most disappointing in t h a t they are comparatively meagre and are so largely concerned with land-based observations, to the neglect of a good deal which has been worked out recently about the distribution and habits of birds far out a t sea. As this work seems destined to go through other editions it may be suggested t h a t some revision in this respect would be worth while. It is however in the background which it provides for marine ornithology t h a t the book is so useful and interesting. For example, an account is given of the relationship of changing ocean currents to climate, which goes far t o explain the remarkable recent changes in t h e bird life of Greenland, Iceland and some other northern countries. The British Isles, having already enj oyed the full force of the Gulf Stream, have experienced much less marked changes. The suggestion t h a t the increased melting of the ice may account for a rise in ocean
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