De Nederlandsche Vogels. Bewerkt door Dr. C. Eykman, P . A, Hens, Jhr Dr. Ir F . C. van H e u m , Dr. C. G. B. t e n Kate, J. G. van Marie, G. van der Meer, M. J. Tekke en Tsj. Gs. de Vries. Eerste Deel. (Wageningen : Boek en Handelsdrukkerij). This is the first volume (of two) of a compact " Handbook " of the birds of Holland by a number of Dutch ornithologists each being responsible for sections and the whole edited by Dr. ten Kate. It is produced under the auspices of the " Club van Nederlandsche Vogelkundigen " and is a much amplified successor to Baron Snouckaert van Schauburg's " Handlist " of 1908. There is an elaborate illustrated key a t the beginning. Under each species a list of vernacular as well as English, German and French names, diagnostic characters, a series of measurements, description, field-characters and a brief account of notes and song, a detailed account of breeding-habits, a carefully worked out Dutch distribution including information on ringing results and migrations, and a brief account in general terms of distribution abroad. There is no mention of food. A number of the species are illustrated b y small blocks from good wash drawings of heads by Dr. Eykman. The book contains a great deal of sound information in a comparatively small compass and is a great advance, more especially on the biological side, on any previous work on Dutch birds, and
Issue 12
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