Handbuch der Deutschen Vogelkunde. Edited by G. Niethammer. Bd. i . Passeres (Leipzig : Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, 1937). T H E late Ernst Hartert was so impressed with t h e plan of the Practical Handbook t h a t after this had been taken in hand he immediately proposed the prodnction of a similar handbook for Germany. Preparations for this were actually begun under Dr. le Roi in 1913, b u t his death and t h e War held up the work, and later the difficulty of finding an editor was such t h a t it was not until 1934 t h a t Dr. G. Niethammer undertook to carry it through, with the assistance of seven other German ornithologists. The first volume of this excellent and compact Handbook, which we understand is to be completed this summer b y a further volume in two sections, is now before us and reflects t h e greatest credit on all concerned. The main difference in plan of the Handbuch and the Practical Handbook is t h a t orders, families and genera are not described, no reference is given to the original description in the synonymy and the descriptions of plumages, moults and structure are much less full. Unusual visitors are much less fully treated in all sections than residents and regular migrants. On t h e other hand there is an additional section on parasites and a section is devoted specially to habitat, as it is in our
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