Songs of Wild Birds. B y E . M. Nicholson and Ludwig Koch. (H. F . & G. Witherby.) Gramophone Records and Illustr. 15s. T o review a book and gramophone records simultaneously is a little difficult; b u t t h e two are in this case inseparable and undoubtedly each is enhanced by its connection with t h e other. Mr. Koch's records of the]songs of Nightingale, Cuckoo, Throstle, Blackbird, Ring- and TurtleDoves, Willow-Wren and other birds are extremely good. T h e fact t h a t t h e Robin's song sounds very like a Willow-Wren's in places is n o t a criticism, for one knows how nearly alike t h e y sometimes are in nature--particularly, i t often seems, in t h e first week of April. And t h e Great Tit's, though a somewhat unusual variant of t h a t bird's song, has t h e typical metallic twang about it. These records should d o much t o help people t o learn t o distinguish t h e bird-songs. I t is also great fun trying t o pick out some of t h e faint songs and calls heard in t h e background. Those who possess t h e combined book and records will not need t o be urged to listen t o t h e records ; their very novelty will no d o u b t get t h e m a good
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