Les Oiseaux du Proche et du Moyen Orient. By F. Hue and R.-D. Etchecopar. N. Boubee et Cie, Paris, 1970. 952 pages; 32 colour and 2 black-and-white plates and 356 line-drawings by Paul Barruel; 429 distribution maps; 2 end-maps. Fr 220.00. The two distinguished authors have long been noted for their enthusiasm for and knowledge of the birds of the more arid regions of the Palearctic. Ten years of study and exploration led in 1964 to the publication of their valuable guide for the field ornithologist in North Africa, Les Oiseaux du Nord de l'Afrique, which three years later appeared in an English translation. Since then their interest has moved further east, to embrace not only the desert zone stretching from Israel to Afghanistan but also the wide variety of other habitats in the Near and Middle East, from Cyprus and the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, Syria and the Lebanon, to the valleys and marshes of Iraq, the coasts of the Caspian and the great and diverse mountain ranges stretching from the Taurus, Elburz and Zagros up to the mighty outerworks of the Himalayas. Once again they have spent many years on expeditions to the areas they cover, penetrating into regions little known to ornithologists. (The scientific results are being published separately: the most recent and valuable is Contribution a L'Etude des Oiseaux d'Iran by C. Erard and R.-D. Etchecopar, Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 1970.) This new book makes their knowledge available to a wider audience and
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Cramp, S
Cadbury, C. J
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