Handbuch der Vogel Mitteleuropas. Vols 2 and 3. Anseriformes. Edited by K. M. Bauer and U. N. Glutz von Blotzheim. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main. Vol 2 (1968): 535 P a g es > 5 colour plates; 76 text-figures and maps. Vol 5 (1969): 504 pages; 1 colour plate; 78 text-figures and maps. DM 48.50 each. In his review of the first volume (Brit Birds, 59: 310-312), E. M. Nicholson described the origins and aims of this major work, as well as its distinctive features. The second and third volumes are devoted to 42 species of swans, geese and ducks that happen to have occurred in the eight countries of 'middle Europe' (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary). Because of the exceptional thoroughness, clarity and accuracy of the text, these volumes also form by far the most useful book yet written on the wildfowl of Europe. They should become, and for a long time remain, an indispensable guide to what is known about the best-known wildfowl of the world. Those species occurring only as the result of introductions are dealt with relatively briefly. Otherwise the length of each account depends nearly as much on what is known of the species as on its status in Europe. North American and Russian publications, as well as those from all Europe, have been carefully noticed and summarised. British ornithologists should be pleased to find how large a contribution we have made to the general knowledge of wildfowl, while noting
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