Yorkshire Naturalists' Union. Committee for Ornithology Reports for 1947 and 1948. Edited by Ralph Chislett. (Reprinted from The Naturalist, 1948, pp. 51-74, and 1949, 51-75.) T H E S E reports as usual contain much valuable material. Up to four Gannets were present a t Bempton Cliffs in 1947, b u t apparently did not breed. In 1948 two pairs reared young and there are said to have been three nests. In 1947 a new colony of Reed-Warblers was located at Hessle, and a nest of Montagu's Harriers was found in the North Riding (young reared), while the breeding of a second pair was suspected. A pair of Hobbies successfully reared young in S.W. Yorkshire in 1948. Duck's eggs taken by a boy a t Fairburn in 1947 were believed to be those of Garganey, and in 1948 the species was more in evidence than usual in the spring, though no case of breeding is reported. There are a fair number of Corn-Grake records in both years and in some cases breeding was proved. Two nests of Quail are reported in 1947 and two in 1948, apart from a number of records of birds heard calling, mostly in the former year. The breeding of a pair of Little Ringed Plovers in 1948 has been fully recorded in British Birds. There are a number of interesting records from Spurn, namely in 1947 an Ortolan (May 9th, and probably also one, April 1 ith), Red-breasted Flycatchers (male, May 10th, and three young
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