South-Eastern Bird Report, being an Account of Bird-Life in Kent, Surrey and Sussex during 1944. Edited by Ralph Whitlock. Ditto (including Hampshire) for 1945. THE 1944 South-Eastern Report, delayed by printing difficulties, was not available when our notices of the 1944 local reports were prepared. There are Grey Wagtail breeding records for all three counties. In the Sussex section we note that these birds did not breed in the previously recorded locality just south of the Kent-Sussex border, though it appears from the Kent section that they did so in the same district. We are glad to note that a pair or two of Dartford Warblers were observed " in a haunt which held several pairs in 1943 " and a pair may also have bred in an East Sussex locality where one was definitely seen in April. It is also gratifying to ornithologists to learn that the Peregrine "does not seem to have suffered any change in status during the war." An immature White-tailed Eagle was seen over Hove on March 12th and there are records of a Firecrest in October and Hoopoes in March and May. A curious record is of a Hobby flushed off an old crow's nest on September 3rd. Two pairs of Tufted Duck bred at Enton Ponds. In addition to, a Temminck's Stint already recorded there are records of Sanderling and Grey Plover, and other waders less uncommon inland, observed on Guildford Sewage Farm. We wonder whether the attribution of Dunlin observed on the
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