Proceedings of the XIV International Ornithological Congress, Oxford, 24-30 July 1966. Edited by D. W. Snow. Blackwell, Oxford and Edinburgh, 1967. xxiii + 405 pages; 11 black-and-white photos; many text-figures. 72s. 6d. The Proceedings of the International Ornithological Congress at Oxford in 1966 have now appeared as a handsome volume of practical size, with an excellent1 layout, clear and easily readable typography, neatly executed line-drawings and diagrams, and well-produced photographic plates. The book is nicely bound and of a high standard throughout. The editor, Dr. D. W. Snow, deserves the gratitude of all ornithologists. The same applies also to the President of the Congress, Dr. David Lack, and the Secretary-General, Professor N. Tinbergen, whose inspiration, ideas and high talent for organisation were the foundation of the Congress's great success and achievements. The scope and contents of these Proceedings differ in some respects from those of their predecessors and a new publication policy has been adopted. Only the main lectures of the plenary sessions, a total of 17 papers, are published here. These are all comprehensive contributions by prominent ornithologists who were specially invited by the British Executive Committee of the Congress to review their particular fields of research. The numerous lectures delivered at the sectional sessions are not even mentioned by name; the reason, as explained in the Secretary-General's report, was to avoid 'too heavy a burden on the finances of the Congress'. In any case, such lectures often contain 'material that could justifiably be published in the normal ornithological
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