As well as the many people who help BB in a whole variety of ways, many of whose names are listed on the inside front cover each month, we should like to thank the following, who waived all or part of their photographic or artistic fees in favour of BB: Richard Allen, Max Andrews, Graham Bundy, Hilary Burn, Dr Richard Chandler, Dr Euan Dunn, Jens Eriksen, Mike Everett, David Fisher, Jon Fjeldsa, Robert Gillmor, Alan Harris, Ren Hathway, L. N. Hawkins, Jack Hill, D. C. Jardine, Phil Jones, Chris Knights, C. Massingham, Dave Nurney, Georges Olioso, Dan Powell, Robin Prytherch, Jan Sevcik, Dafila Scott, Brian Small, John Waldon, J. P. P. Wilczur, Christine & John Winterman, Martin Withers, and Bernard Zonfrillo. We apologise for any accidental oversight.

Issue 12
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