The 'BB' Award for the Best Annual Bird Report Entries are invited for the fourth annual award (see accounts of the first, second and third awards, Brit. Birds 85: 299-308; 86: 163-165; 87: 171-173), which is open to all those clubs and societies in Britain and Ireland which publish an annual bird report. The aim of the Award is to provide public acknowledgment of the high quality of publications which may generally be seen only locally, and to encourage and promote high standards in all regional bird reports. We hope that every local bird club and society in Britain and Ireland will submit a copy of its annual report for consideration by the judges. The senior editor of the winning report will receive an inscribed book of his choice as a permanent personal memento of the award, and the club or society publishing the winning report will be authorised to use the logo of the Award on its reports and in its advertising and promotion. Entries (which need consist only of the club or society's 1993 report and a covering note staling the number of members, the price of the report and from whom it can be obtained) should be submitted at once if available (the closing date for entries is 15th December 1994) to Bird Report Award, British Birds, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK44 3NJ. Special POST-FREE 'BWP' offer Complete boxed sets of all nine volumes of Birds of the Western Pakarcik are available through British BirdShop.

Issue 11
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