Books in British BirdShop The following books have been added this month: Clements & Principe Birds of the World--a check list: English Name Index and Supplement No. 1 (Ibis). Hosking, Hosking & Flegg Eric Hosking's Classic Birds: 60 years of bird photography (HarperCollins). Merton & Butler The Black Robin: the saving of the World's most endangered species (OUP). Parmalee Antarctic Birds: ecological and behavioral approaches (Minnesota) Please use the form on pages vii & viii for all your book orders.

Red Grouse 'BB' ties Ties designed especially for BB are available exclusively for BB subscribers. They feature a single Red Grouse and come in four colours: blue, green, brown and maroon, price £6.95 including VAT, post free. When ordering, please state number of each colour required, and make cheques payable to British Birds Ltd. Payment can also be made by credit card for same'doy despatch. Write to Mrs Ali Gathercole, British Birds, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK.44 3NJ, or order by telephone to her on Biggleswade (0767) 40467.

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