£l,000-prize 'Mystery Photographs Book'

This new book, announced in July {Brit. Birds 76: 287), is published by British Birds on 10th October. The photographs are not all of obscure Asiatic rarities—some are of common birds that occur daily in suburban gardens—so every BB reader ought to be able to identify them with the aid of a few reference books! There is, however, one extra bird to be discovered in the book: there are various cryptic clues to the identity of this enigma. The first person to identify all the birds correctly will receive a prize of at least £ 1,000. We hope that every BB reader will buy a copy of the book and 'have a go'. The book costs £4.80, but is still available to BB readers for £3.80 (post free in UK and Eire) through British BirdShop (see page xi).  

Issue 10
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