New feature: 'Points of view'

We intend to start a new regular feature in British Birds in which readers can express their opinions on topical or general matters about which they feel strongly. The regularity of this feature will depend upon the number of suitable contributions which are submitted. We do not guarantee publication; indeed, we hope to receive several submissions each month, from which we shall select only the best, the most interesting or the most stimulating for inclusion in BB. Do you feel strongly about some ornithological matter? If so, write out your views now. Published texts will be subject to the usual sub-editing, but authors need not avoid controversial matters: this feature will carry the disclaimer that 'Opinions expressed, are those of the author and are not necessarily those of British Birds'. Texts (preferably typewritten) should be double-spaced, with wide margins, and be on one side of the paper only. The popular feature 'Viewpoint' called for long texts by well-known people, many of whom, it transpired, were too busy to write long texts! 'Points of view', therefore, will consist of much more succinct comment: texts should keep strictly within the required length of 150 to 400 words. 

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