A 'British Birds' Workshop: North American birds 16th to 23rd September 1981

As a service to the most dedicated d specialist birders and ringers, British Birds is pleased to offer an eight-day field-identification workshop in North America. Based at Manomet Bird Observatory, just south of Boston, Massachusetts, the workshop will focus on the fine points of the identification of juvenile and first-winter birds, especially passerines and waders. The workshop is being run entirely by the American firm 'Wings, Inc. Designed for serious birdwatchers, the workshop will combine extensive fieldwork, sessions in conjunction with Manomet's passerine- and wader-ringing operations, and evening lecture/discussion sessions using transparencies and study specimens. Workshop instructors will include Peter Grant of British Birds, Kenn Kaufman and Will Russell of 'Wings' and Brian Harrington, Kevin Powers and Trevor Lloyd-Evans of the Manomet Bird Observatory staff. The combination of highly skilled instructors and the ornithological resources of the Manomet Bird Observatory make this workshop an unusual opportunity for anyone seriously interested in advancing their knowledge of Nearctic birds. The cost will be about £170 from Boston, including all meals, lodging, transport, instruction and workshop materials. Registration will be limited to 16 participants, all of whom must be subscribers to British Birds, Air reservations from London to Boston have been made with Trans World Airways at a cost of about £260 return, but, as less costly flights are available to people with flexible schedules, travel from London with the group is not a requirement.  

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