'Bird Illustrator of the Year* and 'The Richard Richardson Award'

The closing date for entries for these competitions is 31st May 1979. Artists are invited to submit four line-drawings: full details were given in the January issue {Brit. Birds 72: 45-46), which should be carefully consulted for the rules and the address to which drawings should be sent. The judges will be Dr Eric Ennion, Robert Gillmor, D. I. M. Wallace and Dr J. T. R. Sharrock. The winner of the title 'Bird Illustrator of the Year' will receive £75 and an inscribed salver; the two runners-up will receive £40 and £25. A special award (value £50)---'The Richard Richardson Award', named in memory of the late Richard Richardson--will be presented for the best entry submitted by an artist aged under 21. The prizes will be presented at a press reception in London, where a selection of the drawings will be displayed.

Palearctic bird sound recordings

The series of discographies which have in the past appeared in British Birds (57: special supplement; 59: 27-37; 62: 49-65, 271-281; 63: 324-332; 64: 431-434; 66: 303-310; 70: 530-539) is continued in the October 1978 issue (no. 72) of Recorded Sound. In future, new bird sound recordings will be briefly reviewed individually in British Birds if they are readily available in Britain and Ireland and add significantly to the range of those which will be summarised in a special feature by Ron Kettle in next month's issue of British Birds.

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