In consultation with the Rare Breeding Birds Panel, the editors of British Birds and Britain's Birds* have agreed that (1) documentation of the progression (decline or expansion) and current status of rare breeding birds in Britain and (2) the conservation implications resulting from this knowledge should be published as two separate papers, the first to be offered to British Birds and the second to be offered to Britain's Birds. Preparation of texts and subsequent publication should be in the stated sequence, and each paper should routinely cross-reference to the other, drawing attention to the material published (or due to be published) in the other journal. This procedure aims to ensure (a) that information becomes widely available as quickly as possible after completion of any survey or census, (b) that the same material is not duplicated unnecessarily in print, and (c) that the two journals British Birds and Britain's Birds publish complementary papers. The editors of British Birds and of Britain's Bird: will liaise, but authors are requested to keep both informed of progress with each paper. *Britain's Birds is published jointly by the BTO and the JNCC.

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