'The Carl Zeiss Award'. Carl Zeiss Germany, sponsor of the Rarities Committee, is offering an annual prize of Carl Zeiss 10 X 40 B / G A T Dialyt or 7 X 42 B / G A T binoculars to the photographer who supplies 'the most helpful, interesting and instructive' photograph of a rarity, taken in Britain. The photograph, a colour print, black-and-white print or transparency, must have been submitted (in the usual ways, via the relevant county bird recorder or directly to the Rarities Committee) with a description or set of descriptions which circulates to the Committee (or in time to circulate to the Committee with descriptions submitted by others). The winning photograph may be big, bright, sharp and beautiful, or be small, dull, fuzzy and admired only by the Committee, but it will have included details which helped to clinch the identification of the bird in question and it may well have added to omithological knowledge of the species' identification, ageing or sexing criteria. The winning photograph will be picked by the Chairman of the Rarities Committee and the Managing Editor of British Birds from a short-list selected during the year by the ten members of the Committee. The third Award will be made from among 1993 (and earlier) photographs of birds accepted for inclusion in the 1994 report. The winner will be announced in November 1994.

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