Young Ornithologists of the Year. This year's Young Ornithologists' Club competition was sponsored jointly by the Young Telegraph and British Birds. Competitors were required to submit their field notebooks for perusal by the judges, Brough Girling (17), Peter Holden (YOC), and Dr J. T. R. Sharrock (BB). The winners were: JUNIOR SECTION (9 years and under) 1st Kirsty Hughes (9) of Leicester 2nd Michael Benn (9) of London 3rd Tom Fieldsend (8) of Hindolveston, Norfolk. INTERMEDIATE SECTION (10-1 2 years)  1st Anna Evans (12) of Belfast 2nd Alexander Lees (11) of Grantham, Lincolnshire 3rd Lyndsay Johnston (12) of Inverness. SENIOR SECTION (13 years and over) 1st David Anning (16) of Deal, Kent 2nd Dominick Spracklen (14) of Huntly, Aberdeenshire 3rd Ben Eden-Green (15) of Ware, Hertfordshire The three winners, David Anning, Anna Evans, and Kirsty Hughes, will receive their prizes at a special ceremony at The Lodge. An additional prize will be given to James Starr (14) of Wedmore, Somerset, in recognition of the high quality of presentation of his entry. Regular followers of this competition will have recognised several familiar names. Tom Fieldsend was last year's Junior Section winner; Dominick Spracklen was last year's Intermediate Section winner, and David Anning was third in the Senior Section last year. It is always pleasing for the judges to see the continued dedication of previous entrants and to note the progress being made by young ornithologists such as this year's senior winner, David Anning. The winners of all three sections produced notebooks featuring 'real fieldnotes', on bird behaviour

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