Christmas Whisky Puzzle: the solution. There were 52 species in the letter block set as a puzzle on page in the December issue. The unused letters spelt out  JANUARY COVER, so the answers to the questions 'How many species are there here? And what was in the black box?' were 52 (if you made it 51, you probably missed SORA), and three Smews (drawn by Darren Rees, within the black box on the cover of the January 1985 issue). The cunningly devised word-square was composed by P. G. Lansdown. We received 278 answers, of which 41 were correct. The first correct solution drawn on 10th January was from Dr J. R. Ogle of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, who will by now have received his prize of a bottle of The Famous Grouse Scotch whisky, donated by Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd, sponsors of our annual 'Bird Photograph of the Year' competition.

Reduced subscription rates for OBC and OSME members We are pleased to announce that, in addition to the members of the 78 clubs and societies listed in January {Brit: Birds 79: 48), individual members of the following organisations are also now entitled to a 25% discount on future personal subscriptions to British Birds.

THE book of the world's waders.  Entitled Shorebirds, the book which everyone will want to buy this spring is due for publication by Croom Helm on 22nd May. The authors (John Marchant and Tony Prater) and artist (Peter Hayman) are all well known to BB readers.

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