Cover designs for sale by postal auction The following original drawings used on British Birds covers are available:Brett Westwood, John Hollyer ,Robert Gillmor. Collared Dove, Waxwings, Black Grouse 18.6X20.7 18.3 X 20.9 18.7 X 21.0  Issue: March 1984, November 1984, December 1984

Send in your bid, following the usual procedure (see pages 30-31 in January issue). Some artists place a reserve price on their drawings, but successful bids have varied from £12 to £87 (average £37), so you could pick up a real bargain!

Just for a lark! Can you identify this bird? If you can, send your answer to the publishers, Croom Helm, and you could win a free copy of the new book Just a Lark! by Jim Flegg, David Hosking and Norman Arlott. A copy will be sent to those supplying the first ten correct answers drawn from those received by 30th November, and the first one drawn will also receive the framed original of Norman Arlott's cartoon. Send your answer to Just for a Lark, Bernard Mercer, Croom Helm Ltd, Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent BR 3 1AT.

Blyth's Reed Warblers and juvenile skuas We would like to give special thanks to Zeiss West Germany, sponsors of the Rarities Committee, who also subsidised the inclusion in British Birds of the highly praised colour plates of Blyth's Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum and its confusion species, painted by Laurel Tucker {Brit. Birds 77: plates 164 & 165), and of juvenile skuas Stercorarius, painted by Lars Jonsson {Brit. Birds 77: plate 182). The Zeiss West sponsorship of the Rarities Committee has also enabled us to include a series of colour plates of the year's rarities in each of the last two 'Reports on rare birds in Great Britain'

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