New edition of 'The "British Birds" List of Birds of the Western Palearctic'. A new edition of our checklist is currently in production, not this time as a small booklet, but as a BB-sized booklet with 15 columns for each species. Thus, this checklist can now be used during field trips. Since the preparation of our previous list, published in 1978, there have been a surprising number of changes: 36 additions, three deletions and over 60 more-minor amendments. This new up-to-date checklist will be sent free to any BB reader who makes use of our 'British BirdShop' order form to purchase books, discs or cassettes and who supplies a self-addressed label. You can qualify for your free copy by using 'British BirdShop' now (your copy of the list will be posted to you immediately upon publication). The list is at present not for sale separately.

Just for a lark! Can you identify this bird? If you can, send your answer to the publishers, Croom Helm, and you could win a free copy of the new book Just a Lark! by Jim Flegg. David Hosking and Norman Arlott. A copy will be sent to those supplying the first ten correct answers drawn from those received by 30th November, and the first one drawn will also receive the framed original of Norman Arlott's cartoon. Send your answer to Just for a Lark, Bernard Mercer, Croom Helm Ltd, Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AT.

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