Irish Rare Breeding Birds Panel At a meeting held in Dublin on 27th November 1982, an Irish Rare Breeding Birds Panel was formed, to collect all records of rare breeding birds in the Republic of Ireland. Those attending this meeting were Dr David Cabot, John Davies, J. E. Fitzharris, S. Fleming, J. Foley, Kieran Grace, Dr J. P. Hillis, C. D. Hutchinson, O.J. Merne, Killian Mullarney, Richard Nairn, K. Preston and Dr J. T. R. Sharrock. Written comments and approval had also been supplied by F. King,W.J. O'Flynn, Major R. F. Ruttledge, David Scott and J. Temple Lang, who were unable to attend the meeting. Those present unanimously elected John Davies (Secretary), Oscar Merne, Ken Preston and Ralph Sheppard to membership of the four-man Panel. The Panel is an independent, autonomous body, but will liaise and co-operate with the Irish Wildbird Conservancy. The aims and methods of the Panel will be broadly similar to those of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel which covers Britain and Northern Ireland (Brit. Birds 66: 172-174; 68: 5-23). It will collect in one place all information on rare breeding birds in the Republic of Ireland so that changes in status can be monitored and breeding records are not lost. 


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