'Not BB III' The third number of this tasteless and scurrilous publication tries to emulate its great parent journal, but fails pitifully, as did the two earlier issues. It is included in British BirdShop (pages xix & xx) to make it look as if we can take a joke (there is only one in Not BB III) against ourselves. New books in British BirdShop The following books have been added to the British BirdShop list this month:Askew The Dragonfiies of Europe Cady & Hume The Complete Book of British Birds Delin & Svensson Photographic Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe Duff, Hatton & Stirrup Not BB III Harrison & Reid-Henry A History of the Birds of Britain Mearns, Mearns & Rees Biographies for BirdwatchersThese can be obtained POST FREE through British BirdShop. Please use the order forms on pages xix and xx. 'BB'-Sunbird trip to Canary Islands Provisionally planned for 16th-23rd August 1989 and to be led by David Fisher (Sunbird) and Killian Mullarney (BB). this exploratory trip will concentrate on the area's endemic landbirds and the exciting possibilities among the seabirds of the southern North Atlantic. BB subscribers can claim a 10% reduction on the full price. Write now for details to David Fisher, Sunbird, PO Box 76, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19'BB'-Sunbird tour around New Zealand Timed to precede the International Ornithological Congress (see Brit. Birds 80: 289; 81: 534), this special one-off two-week tour during 17th November to 1st December 1990 will attempt tp cover the choicest
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