Edited by Mike Archer, Mark Grantham, Peter Howlett and Steven Stansfield Poyser, A&C Black, 2010 Hbk, 592pp, ISBN 978-1-4081-1040-9 Subbuteo code M20273 £60.00 BB Bookshop price £54.00 The first edition of Bird Observatories in Britain and Ireland was published in 1976, just three years after I had completed two years as warden of Lundy. Sadly, at the beginning of 1974, the introduction of income tax on Lundy-earned income forced the island's administrator and only employer, the Landmark Trust, to dispense with five employees, the observatory warden being one of those deemed non-essential! This, combined with the closure of the observatories on Skokholm in 1976, St Agnes in 1971 and Great Saltee in 1964, left only Cape Clear to monitor and record migration within the vast region of Britain and Ireland between Portland and Bardsey. Skokholm was included in the first edition of the book but - regrettably, in my admittedly biased view - Lundy was omitted. A few years earlier, in 1970, the Bird Observatories Council (BOC) was formed by the BTO out of the earlier Bird Observatories Com- mittee; this aimed to fully co-ordinate and stan- dardise the recording systems at all observatories, raise the profile of each in a national context, and to encourage the analysis and publication of the huge migration dataset. Initially, one of the criteria for accreditation to the BOC was the provision of accommodation, but that was soon relaxed, enabling Holme to be included in the 1976 book. Filey, Flamborough and Landguard join Holme in this second edition of the Bird Observatories book as observatories that lack accommodation for visitors.
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