By Rob Fray, Roger Davis, Dave Gamble, Andrew Harrop and Steve Lister Christopher Helm, 2009 Hbk, 768pp, black-and-white and colour photographs, many graphs and figures ISBN 978-0-7136-7233-6 Subbuteo code M20094 £45.00 BB Bookshop price £40.00 The counties of Leicestershire & Rutland have been treated as a single ornithological unit for around 120 years and since 1941 the birdlife of this landlocked part of central England has been recorded and reported by the Leicestershire & Rutland Ornithological Society (LROS). Ronald Hickling's Birds in Leicestershire & Rutland (1978) covered the period up to 1974 but there has never been a widely available atlas for these counties. Although fieldwork for a tetrad breeding atlas was undertaken during 1976-84, the results were pub- lished privately and only in 1996. The publication of this book has therefore been widely anticipated.
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