BB eye Willughby's Buzzard Tim Birkhead

Rare breeding birds in the UK in 2015 This report documents the status of 100 species of rare or scarce birds that bred, or showed signs of breeding, in the UK in 2015. The year was notable for the first breeding record of Iberian Chiffchaff. Black-winged Stilts and European Bee-eaters bred again, but only the Bee-eaters were successful Several species, including three raptors, reached their highest population levels in recent years and the recent run of mild winters has probably contributed to large increases in numbers of Firecrests and Cetti’s and Dartford Warblers.

Acadian Flycatcher in Kent: new to Britain An Acadian Flycatcher Empidonax virescens was found at Dungeness, Kent, on 22nd September 2015. The bird’s identification, based on plumage and structural characters, was subsequently supported by DNA analysis. This is the first record of Acadian Flycatcher for Britain.

Letters: Only one species of Houbara? A response to Cowan

Book reviews, News & comment and Recent reports complete the December issue.

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