Summary of contents Report on rare birds in Great Britain in 2010 The 53rd annual report of the British Birds Rarities Committee presents details of rare birds recorded in Britain in 2010 and includes the following highlights:

  • 1st Madeiran Petrel Oceanodroma castro, White-bellied/Black-bellied Storm-petrel Fregetta grallaria/tropica
  • 1st & 2nd Canada Goose Branta canadensis for Category A
  • 2nd Rufous-tailed Robin Luscinia sibilans
  • 2nd & 3rd 'Northern Harrier' Circus cyaneus hudsonius
  • 3rd-6th Wilson's Snipe Gallinago delicata
  • 4th Baikal Teal Anas formosa, Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa dauurica and Pallas's Reed Bunting Emberiza pallasi
  • 5th Brown-headed Cowbird Molothrus ater
  • 6th frigatebird Fregata sp.
  • 6th White-tailed Lapwing Vanellus leucurus and Marmora's Warbler Sylvia sarda
  • 7th Green Heron Butorides virescens, Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum and Red-necked Stint Calidris ruficollis
  • 7th & 8th Hermit Thrush Catharus guttatus
  • 8th Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis
  • 9th Oriental Turtle Dove Streptopelia orientalis, 'Balearic Woodchat Shrike' Lanius senator badius and Dusky Thrush Turdus eunomus
  • 9th & 10th Brown Shrike Lanius cristatus
Reviews and news & comment complete the October issue, which is the usual bumper edition to incorporate as many illustrations and as much analysis as possible of the rarities in the BBRC report.
Issue 10
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