All prints or transparencies of 1996 rarities sent to the Rarities Committee for circulation during record assessments will be eligible for consideration for The Carl Zeiss Award. The year's winner will be able to choose a pair of Zeiss binoculars (10x40, 7X42 or Night Owl 7X45), and the runners-up (and all those whose rarity photographs are published in British Birds) will receive a voucher for a free six-month subscription to British Birds. For circulation to the Committee, send prints or duplicate transparencies to M. J. Rogers, Hon. Secretary BBRC, 2 Churchtown Cottages, Towednack, St Ives, Cornwall TR6 3AZ. For publication in BB, send prints or original transparencies to Mrs Sheila Cobban, British Birds, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK44 3NJ.

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