The figures for the number of European Honey-buzzards Pernis apivorus breeding in the UK, published in the annual report of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel for 2000 (Ogilvie et al. 2002), considerably under-reported the number of pairs, especially in both Wales and Scotland, through the omission of some records. The following replaces the species account published in the Panel's report:33 pairs bred; minimum of 40 young reared. Great Britain 15 pairs fledged two young, ten pairs fledged one young, five pairs bred but failed, one because the female was shot. A further three pairs are known to have bred, but their success is unknown. There were an additional 25 pairs which probably or possibly bred, as well as one locality with two males and ten localities with single birds, at least one of which showed breeding behaviour. The breakdown of the above into countries is: England 24 pairs bred, plus 21 probable/possible pairs; Wales five pairs bred, plus five probable/possible pairs; and Scotland four pairs bred, plus ten probable/possible pairs.The first-ever survey of this species in Britain, organised by the Panel, was carried out in 2000, and Batten (2001) published a preliminary summary suggesting that there were 29 confirmed pairs and a further 32 probable or possible breeding pairs. The totals set out above include some additional latearriving records, as well as a re-analysis of all the records received, and show an increase in the totals of both confirmed pairs (to 33) and probable/possible pairs (to 36). 

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