'Iceland Gulls from the "Braer" disaster, Shetland 1993.' Page 21, in footnote, definition of bursa should read 'Pouch on wall of cloaca found only in very young birds'; page 22, 'Discussion', line 15: 'one' should read 'none'. 136-140 'Kentish Plovers with complete breast bands.' Scientific name of Chestnut-banded Plover is Charadrius pallidus; nominate race occurs in southern Africa, while the East African race is C. p. venustus. Page 138, Plates 34 & 35: 'C. venustus' should read 'C. pallidus'; table 1: 'C. venustus' should read 'C. pallidus'. 145 'Ages of Great Spotted Cuckoos in Britain and Ireland.' Fig. 2: penultimate histogram block (mid October) should show 3, not 2. 449 'Binoculars and telescopes survey 1995.' Table 3, 1990 position, line 3, '-' should replace '(1)'.

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