INCREASE IN SUBSCRIPTION RATES IT IS only two years since the plan for developing British Birds in the face of increasing costs caused our Publishers to raise the annual subscription from 25 Shillings to 30 Shillings, and the monthly rate from half-a-crown to 3 Shillings. Yet the events of 1956 have now made it absolutely imperative that there should be a further increase of 5 Shillings on the annual subscription and we would like to explain just why this was unavoidable. During the early months of last year, as is well known, a dispute in the printing industry helped to cause great delays in publication, from which we are only now recovering, and resulted in increases of between 15% and 2 5 % in production costs. As a result, British Birds has becorne uneconomic to produce at the present subscrip tion rate. British Birds is not alone in facing this problem, and the Editors of Nature have recently given some striking facts and figures about it in an editorial announcing a similar step. The Publishers, however, wish to maintain their policy of administering British Birds in the broad spirit of a trust for British ornithology, and have made the present increases as small as they feel possible to maintain Standards. For mailing Service, and to recover the expenses of postage, despatch and maintenance of addressing lists, the Publishers have had to make a charge of 5 / - . W e know that there are many w h o d
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