Regional Development Officers. During 1992-93, the BTO will be setting up a new regional network. This will consist of BTO members keen to promote the BTO at the local level in a systematic way. The new volunteers will be called Regional Development Officers (RDOs) and will work alongside the existing network of 133 Regional Representatives. The RDOs will take the pressure off the RRs, who will be left to concentrate on organising the survey work co-ordinated by the BTO. The RDOs' main task will be to maintain the interest of existing members and to recruit new ones. They will do this by organising a local programme of events, raising the Trust's profile, liaising with the local press and other media, and forming a local cell of BTO activists. RDOs do not need to be expert birders, but they will be very enthusiastic about the work of the BTO and be extrovert characters who get on well with other people. A small handful of Regional Reps will retain both functions. We shall be starting to recruit in a few key areas, but if you are keen to start on this work, to promote the BTO and to increase its profile then contact Paul Green at BTO HQ.

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