At about 16.00 hours on 20th September 1970, Clive Totty and P. G. Williams flushed a green and yellow warbler-like bird from the sedge around the Pool, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. It immediately dived back into cover, but they flushed it twice more before it finally disappeared in a thicket of gorse and bracken. They were at a loss to identify it, though they agreed that it looked rather like a large Phylloscopus or a Hippolais but behaved more like an Acrocepbalus. They told G. W. Edwards and K.D.E. of it, but later searches then and during the following morning proved fruitless. K.C.O., who was staying on St Mary's during this period, visited St Agnes on 21st. At about 15.00 hours he was walking round the Pool when by chance he disturbed a very green 'warbler' with yellow underparts, which at first he took to be a large Phylkscopus. He flushed it three times, since it seemed extremely reluctant to show itself on the sedge tops; it had rather short wings and a long tail, and its flight and general behaviour seemed more typical of Acrocepbalus than Phylkscopus. At 15.45 he lost it in near-by bracken. Half an hour later, on his way to the quay, he met G.W.E. and K.D.E. and informed them of the bird. They then proceeded to the Pool and sat on an adjacent seawall in the hope of sighting it, but with no success. At 17.00 hours, therefore, they began quartering the sedge. Eventually

Issue 5
Edwards, K. D
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