Romanian mission. In early October 1991, John Bishop and Richard Howard (BTO President) completed a 3,000-mile (4,800-km) round trip to Romania on behalf of ICBP. Their mission was to deliver equipment to the fledgling Romanian Ornithological Society (ROS). The journey was an exciting one. With a Range Rover overflowing with electrical goods, such as a typewriter, photocopier and duplicator, they anticipated some intensive questioning at the Romanian border, and had mentally prepared appropriate responses. But the border guard, on hearing that they were taking equipment to help protect wildlife, waved them through with a smile and an approving comment. Perhaps this is indicative of the increased awareness of, and importance attached to, environmental issues in Romania. With 12 threatened bird species and 24 Important Bird Areas, Romania certainly needs to be aware of its wildlife and the threats to it. The ROS was formed early in 1990, shortly after the revolution, and with extremely limited resources has already reached a membership of 150. Dan Munteanu is the dedicated man at the helm, and, in the summer of 1991, three summer camps for young birdwatchers were run, meetings were held and bird counts and field research conducted. Progress so far has shown that there is the enthusiasm and interest in Romania to make the ROS a success. What is lacking is cash. With many Romanians holding down three jobs and struggling to make ends meet, the possibilities for fund-raising are limited. That is why support from Western Europe is so essential.

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